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Friday, May 15, 2009

Numbered Pages [Mods]

You may have seen some scientific notebooks floating around with numbered pages. Great idea, right?

You can keep your handy-dandy composition notebook in working order by just writing the numbers in the corner of each page like Quentin Hudspeth demonstrates here. This especially nice with this little trick:

I also suggest leaving a couple of blank pages at the front for a table of contents.

This is especially helpful when your work spans multiple volumes and you need to find that obscure bit of information from twelve revisions ago that no longer exists in digital form. Of course, a TOC requires you to number the blasted pages. If only someone would publish a page-numbered comp book, that would be cool. It might be worth an extra dollar on the price.
I'm a frugal sort, so I don't mind numbering my pages by hand as I go, especially if it saves me 15 bucks from a more pricey scientific notebook.

Thanks Quentin!

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