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Friday, May 22, 2009

How to properly remove pages from a notebook. [Mods]

Starring Desk Frog!

Before you go dissecting your notebook, you have to know its basic anatomy.

See, composition notebooks are really just a big stack of wide sheets stitched down the middle.

That stack of sheets is also sewn to a bit of cardboard for the cover, then the exposed stitches on the spine are covered up with some tape.

So what you do to a page, including taking it out, could affect the page on the other side of the book.

Case in point: If you just carelessly rip out a page... will compromise the strength of the stitch holding in the page on the other side.

And then you get an unsightly notebook.

So when you need to remove a sheet from your book, use a pair of scissors or an exacto knife and cut along the red line noting the margin. That will leave about half an inch of paper to keep the other page from falling out.

In other words...

'Til next time!

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