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Friday, June 19, 2009

Mini-Comp Double-Fold [Mods]

Green Pilgrim is an experienced bookhacker and I've been eager to feature some of his work on Composeum. Check out this tutorial on how to make a double-fold composition notebook.
When I was younger, composition notebooks were worth their weight in silver. They were handy for just about everything. About two years ago, I found that a dollar-store near me was selling these pocket-sized composition notebooks and I picked up a few dozen to play with.

This project involves turning two of these small, comp. books into a double-fold book. I've made several full-sized, double-folds for friends over the years and this is just an easier, quick version. Double-folds are handy because it allows you to have two separate books within the same cover. I have used the double-fold design for things like bibles, diaries, and scrapbooks.
I dunno what I'd use a double-fold book for in my daily routine, but it sure gives me ideas for non-comp bookbinding projects. Hmmm!



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