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Friday, June 12, 2009

DailyThreads Notebook Covers [Mods]

Lolita is an artist in North Florida who, among other things, makes these awesome notebook covers from a variety of fabrics. She sez:

I am always creating new ways to use fabric and I especially like making useful items beautiful as well. The comp book works beautifully with the fabric covers, as the book covers are good and sturdy. I've gotten great response and feedback with them.

I particularly like the zipper pocket on the front cover. Check out her notebooks and other projects on her


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fabric Notebook [PopComps]

Danielle made this composition notebook sculpture out of soft materials. She sez:

I wanted to take the general idea, and the recognizable aspects, of the Composition notebook and put them into a new format. I work with fabric and fiber materials in most of my projects, and so I tend to think in terms of those materials as well. This book was fun to make, I machine stitched the lines of the "paper" and image transfered the text and images. The cover was created using black fabric painted with white textile paint. I used a blanket stitch in an accordion spine to bind it together. I used excerpts of conversations for the text and original doodles for the images, which were photo copied and chemically transfered to the fabric.

Danielle's email is Danstina at gmail dot com.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Notebooks #005 [Erin Williams]

Peeking inside someone's notebook can tell you a lot about where they're at in life. Grocery lists, schedules, appointments, or internship searches like Erin here:
one of my goals is to land a kick ass internship for the summer. this notebook is helping me keep track of everywhere i want to/have yet to/actually have applied to.

must recharge the nano.
Notebooks: Keeping you organized.
Nanos: Keeping you plugged in. :P