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Friday, May 8, 2009

Clippies! [Mods]

Today's notebook mod is a reliable old standby: the binder clip!

"Hi there."
"Wanna go out... maybe get something to eat?"


You can use leedle clippies to hold your pen. I recommend using medium size so you can stick the whole pen in there and keep it secure, baby.

You can also use clippies to hold your book open flat and store loose notes.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hurley and Lola [PopComps]

Hurley is re-writing Empire Strikes Back so Luke and Darth resolve their father/son issues in a civil manner.

Lindsay is writing a reboot of The Parent Trap, hopefully with more light sabers.

[Hurley via FilmSchoolRejects | Lindsay via Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen via Jezebel]


Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Notebooks #001

Notebooks are funny things. We keep them around a while expend a lot of mental energy and physical time on them, but usually leave half the pages blank and unadorned with our various scribbles. In order to give these little artifacts the attention they deserve, I'm starting an ongoing series featuring our notebooks and any noteworthy (heh) things about them.

So to kick things off, I'd expose my own small library of notebooks that I've got lying around.

Notebook #001

Each of these have titles on the cover that ostensibly describe their contents, but I am very undisciplined. I'll start one notebook on one subject, then in a moment of crisis in which I need to scribble down an idea, I'll just grab the nearest scrap of paper I can find. Thus, my "graphic design" notebook has this page where I scribbled the earliest ideas for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.

Back then, I was way more influenced by Stargate and Planescape than Avatar the Last Airbender. I had this notion of a stargate cult in the distant, post-apocalyptic future finding the ruins of Cheyenne mountain and the old Stargate Command compound. That quickly morphed into a focus on the journey of a small group of wanderers, helping people on new worlds each episode.

You can see notes here mentioning something about "Adversary" which was the analogue for Stargate's System Lords occupying various worlds and generally being nasty despots. Maps were to play a big part in the flow of play as well, both as character sheets and as a game board. Plus, there was this weird "self/universe" dichotomy that never really went anywhere beyond this odd symbol system.

I may still use that set of icons for something, but for now they'll rest along with the other notes from way back when.