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Friday, June 5, 2009

Tabs! [Mods]

Megan keeps this tiny compy on-hand to record her important phone numbers and contact information in case her phone's SIM card crashes.

She cut big chunks out of the side of her pages to make these little tabs to keep everything nice and organized.

In combination with Quentin's page numbering, you can have a very searchable little tome.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lisa the Drama Queen [PopComps]

A compy was featured pretty prominently in the recent Simpsons episode "Lisa the Drama Queen," in which Lisa and a new friend write fantasy stories about the magical land of Equalia. I would think any magical land ruled by someone called Queen Helvetica would be a little more, I dunno, Swiss? But hey, you can't beat the twonicorn who throws up rainbows. :P

So does every nerdy kid go through that escapist worldbuilding phase or was that just me and Lisa?


Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Notebooks #004 ["The Mic"]

Stephanie R. posted these pics on Flickr. She says:
this is the notebook we used to pass around freshman year of high school which was about, oh, 8 years ago! I think we had 6 people writing in it at one point & passed it around for about a month until we stopped writing in it all together. Mic = the Microphone. Lol, good times.
This is just the kind of notebook I like to hear about. Those of us of a certain age (*cough*) remember these kinds of notebooks as the precursor to texting, facebook and other social media. Before all this tweeter and facespace digimahoozits, we had rugged little analog books like these to write our silly notes to each other.

Did your friends have a notebook like this when you were in school?